Mimosa, and other wine-based cocktails you need to try

It’s no secret that the winedirect.com.au crew is obsessed with wine. I mean, the clue is sort of in the name. But that doesn’t mean we don’t also love a good cocktail, too. We’re all about variety over here.

And one of the (many) things we love about wine is that you can use it to make cocktails!

So, if you’re looking for a cocktail you can make with wine, these are our favourites cocktails to make at home with sparkling, red, white and rosé wines.


First up, the classic Mimosa. We love it at breakfast, but we won’t turn one down at any time of day, honestly. It’s simple, but you can jazz it up if you’re feeling fancy by making homemade orange juice, adding a dash of a fruity liqueur like Grand Marnier or Chambord for a twist, or using Champagne instead of sparkling wine.

We make ours with a 2:1 ratio; just pour 100ml of chilled sparkling wine into a champagne flute and top it with 50ml of chilled orange juice. 

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Before we tell you what this one is, just promise that you’ll hear us out, okay?

The kalimotxo (pronounced cali-moe-choe) was invented at a festival in Spain in the 1970s, getting its name from the people who created it, nicknamed Kalimero and Motxongo.

It’s as simple to make as a mimosa: just fill a glass with ice, then pour in equal parts red wine and Coca-Cola. For further sophistication, garnish it with a slice of lemon.

We know, we know. But don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. We recommend a nice dry red wine so you don’t overdo the sweetness; something like a Tempranillo.

White Wine Mojito

A refreshing summer cocktail inspired by a classic, the white wine mojito is lower in alcohol than a classic mojito – it’s something of an upgrade on a white wine spritzer.

We like to make it with a Riesling or Sauvignon Blanc, but most unoaked whites will do the job.

Make sure the wine and lemonade are thoroughly chilled before you start – this is best served ice cold.

You’ll need a handful of fresh mint, a couple of lime wedges (plus another to garnish), lemonade (we love the Italian soft drink ‘Limonata’) and white wine. Muddle the mint and lime in a glass, add ice, half a glass of white wine and half a glass of lemonade. Stir and garnish with the lime wedge.  


If you love an Aperol Spritz, but want something with a lower ABV, this Italian aperitivo is the cocktail for you.

Use a dry white wine; we recommend a Pinot Grigio, and chill it and the sparkling water ahead of time. Mix 60ml Campari and 60ml white wine in a wine glass, add ice and top with sparkling water. Garnish with a slice of orange and a sprig of mint and enjoy.

Rosé Sangria

Another twist on a classic, this rosé sangria is a little more involved than the others on this list, but we think it’s worth the effort. You’ll need a bottle of rosé (these are our faves), grapefruit liqueur (it’s not too hard to find in liquor stores), half a cup each of sliced strawberries and chopped peaches (or raspberries if you prefer), a sliced lemon, and sparkling water.

Add everything but the sparkling water into a jug and stir, then chill in the fridge for at least an hour. Top up with sparkling water and serve.