Korean Steak Tacos

I went a little leftfield on this one. Lately, I’ve gotten into some Sparkling Shiraz wines. The wife isn’t a red drinker which is both good and bad, to be honest. Good as I can enjoy the bottle myself but bad because it makes it hard to choose wine together. 

She is, however, a HUGE bubbles fan, so I figured let’s give Sparkling Red a go! It feels like a celebration opening bubbles and to me, any day that tacos are involved is a HUGE celebration, so these guys are already a great match. 

The Syn Rouge by Leconfield is best drunk chilled. It has a deep red colour, rich and velvety yet medium-bodied. Pro tip – drinking some red wines slightly chilled helps soften the tannins so straight away the wife was happier!  At $17 a bottle from winedirect.com.au this was the PERFECT addition to Taco Tuesday!  

Plenty of red berry fruit going on, a little chocolate on the nose, and plenty of ‘moreish’ on the palate. It’s got plenty of body to stand alongside the medium-rare steak and spicy gochujang aioli but not too much that they are fighting against each other. I would defo recommend introducing this to the cellar/fridge and cracking one when you make these Korean Steak Tacos!


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