John Dory, Crab & Parsley Risotto

Indulge much?


Serves 4

Crab & Parsley Risotto

200g risotto rice - Vialone Nano, Arborio or Carnaroli

200ml white wine

1 brown onion finely chopped

900ml light chicken stock or vegetable stock

160g freshly picked mud crab

150g butter

200ml parsley purée

Juice of 1 lemon


Tomato Concasse

1 large tomato

1 shallot

10g parley chopped

5ml white wine vinegar

5ml olive oil


Parsley Puree

2 bunches of parsley plucked off stems


Scampi Beignets

4 whole scampi peeled and de-veined

50g corn flour

50g self raising flour

200ml ice cold sparkling water



12 clams

200ml white wine


John Dory

2 John Dory, approximately 1kg each



Crab & Parsley Risotto: In a heavy base pan sweat off your onion in the butter; careful not to colour the onions. Add risotto rice and continue to stir for two minutes. Add the white wine and reduce by ¾ then slowly add your hot stock, one ladle at a time cooking for 20 minutes. Fold through your parsley puree and crab meat. Add lemon juice and season to taste.

Tomato Concasse: Core the tomato and blanch for ten seconds. Refresh in iced water, peel and de-seed the tomato then dice the flesh. Mix all ingredients together.

Parsley Puree: Blanch parsley in boiling water for six minutes then strain and blend in a food processer until smooth. Cool down the purée on ice to maintain its colour.

Scampi Beignets: Mix flours together and pour in sparkling water to form a batter. Coat scampi with flour mix and fry for approximately one minute until crisp.

Clams: In a hot pan, pour in white wine and add clams. Place a lid on top and steam for approximately one minute until clams open.

John Dory: Fillet the dory and panfry or grill until cooked.

To Serve: Place risotto on the bottom of the plate just off centre and sit the John Dory on top. Place 3 clams around the fish as well as a small portion of tomato concasse. Sit the scampi on top of the tomato and garnish the plate with parsley cress.