Duck Orange Sauce

It wouldn't be dinner without a nice glass of wine to accompany this delicious duck & orange sauce dish. Once again, my boy, Dan has come up trumps (a little election joke) with this delicious Curtis Family Limited Series 2016 Grenache.

With an RRP of $100 the guys at have it for $70. Rated 94 points from JH this wine is no slouch. Even though it's 4 years old, a solid hour in the decanter is recommended. Bursting with cherry and raspberry aromas along with hints of spice too. The palate offers similar with great structure, balanced oak and some nice vanilla undertones too. 

This dish and wine are like Ebony & Ivory (living) working perfectly together in harmony! 

Check out the great pack Cellar Dwellers offer here at and you can pick up this $100 bottle for only $15 a bottle WTF!!!! As I write this I am adding a couple to my cart!!

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