Crispy Skin Duck Breast
CSDBSP to those in the know, this dish has all the richness of duck and trimmings without killing your waistline.


This dish has four different elements: 1. Shallots, 2. Persimmon, 3. Spelt and 4. Duck. The order of the recipe is the cooking/preparation order. 1. Shallots 8 x shallots 75g sugar 250g balsamic vinegar 25g red wine 50g water 50g duck stock (optional – if you wish to make your own) pinch of salt 2. Persimmon 1 x persimmon juice of 1 orange pinch of sugar pinch of salt few drops of lemon juice 3. Spelt 120g spelt 1 large brown onion extra virgin olive oil chicken stock 4. Duck 4 x duck breasts (skin on)


1.Shallots i. Bring all the above ingredients (minus the shallots) to the boil ii. In a baking tray place the shallots and cover with liquid mixture (ensure all shallots are submerged) iii. Cover with Al Foil and place in 180°C oven for 40 minutes or until shallots are soft and tender 2. Persimmon i. Blend the persimmon with sugar, salt, orange juice and a few drops of lemon to avoid oxidation 3. Spelt i. Chop onions and sweat in a heavy based pan with olive oil until they become pale/ see through – do not brown them ii. Add the washed spelt to the onion mixture iii. Add enough chicken stock to cover spelt, as it evaporates add a few more ladles to cover again, repeat until spelt is cooked through (around 25 min) 4. Duck i. Place duck skin side down on a heavy based fry pan ii. Place pan over low heat and slowly cook the duck, lave on heat until the top of the duck breast changes colour (5-7 minutes) iii. Turn duck over and keep on heat for no more than one minute iv. Place duck on a wire rack (skin side up) and allow to rest for around 10 minutes v. Before you serve return the duck to a hot fry pan (skin side down) for a very short time – just to crisp up the skin To serve: 1) Place the duck on a bed of spelt 2) Smear a line of the shallot jus alongside the duck and spelt, place 2 shallots on the smear 3) In front of the duck and spelt put a dollop of the persimmon mixture crispy-duck-breast-shallots-300x198 Recipe provided by: