Brown Butter Prawn Pasta

The all-important Q - what wine should I drink as I cook this, whilst I eat it and open another bottle afterwards!! This one was SIMPLE. Chalk Hill Fiano from McLaren Vale. I picked this one up from from my buddy Dan - a half-decent dude who might steer you in the right direction when choosing wine.

Fiano - an Italian grape that hails from Campania and Sicily is a white grape that is slightly nutty, floral and spicy with notes of tropical fruit too.  It works magically with seafood, cream sauces and dishes that aren't too citrusy.  Sounds like a match made in heaven for my brown butter prawn pasta! 

The Chalk Hill Fiano offers tons of delicious apricot, zesty citrus which only make the brown butter prawn pasta all the more better. I get whipped cream, hazelnuts and a little chalkiness too from it. There is a nice salinity from it, almost in the form of oysters. The finish has decent length and is drinking PERFECTLY right now. Spring is just around the corner here in Australia so my advice is to grab a 6pck and get ready for some warmer temps!

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