Bla Pad Khing
Super quick and easy, lightly spiced Thai dish. Perfect when paired with a crisp, fresh dry white...


Rockling fillets Broccoli Capsicums Onion Ginger Mushroom Oyster Sauce Fish Sauce Soy Sauce Sugar Garlic Canola or vegetable oil


1. Cook the Rockling fillets in hot boiled water. Once done, drain the water 2. Warm a stir fry pan 3. Add canola or vegetable oil 4. Add garlic, followed by the Rockling fillets 5. Cook the Rockling for 1–2 minutes 6. Add vegetables 7. Wait for 40–60 seconds and add oyster sauce, fish sauce, soy sauce, and sugar 8. Stir lightly to mix the seasonings in 9. Once the vegetables are done, Bla Pad Khing is ready to serve bla-pad-khing-300x198 Recipe provided by: