Richard Hamilton Sauv Blanc - Great Savvy with Foo
I’ve got another confession to make, I drank it cool. Everyone has got their chains to break.. the Sauvignon Blanc rule. Sharing a bottle or two of wine with friends can make their company enjoyable. When Sauvignon Blanc is their drink of choice, there is little chance of us sharing the bottle. My white selections are that of a red wine drinker so I prefer Riesling, Semillon and the occasional ballsy Chardonnay. I was cooking for some friends and I knew the lady wife of my mate loved Sauvignon Blanc. I put the Richard Hamilton 2014 in the fridge as I cooked up a storm. Prosciutto wrapped chicken roasted with chorizo, tomato, capsicum and other parcels of goodness including grilled zucchini. Finishing off the 919 Tempranillo as I cooked, I anticipated having half a glass of the Sauvignon Blanc with my meal to be polite. I had two big glasses of the Richard Hamilton Sauvignon Blanc and thoroughly enjoyed it. Crisp and zesty with some green apple on the palate. There is still passionfruit on the nose and palate but the nicely balanced acid allows you to forget you are drinking a Sauvignon Blanc. Be brave and buy a couple of bottles. It is a gateway Sauvignon Blanc. If your guests and family like it, they will likely love the other beautiful white varieties too.
Yum Yum