Our Top Five Wines Under $25

Looking for wine under $25 but not sure what to get? We selected our top five under $25 and suggested when best to enjoy them!

Our Top Five Wines Under $25

With the world in chaos, you may have found yourself spending more and more time at home. Whether you're working from home or trying to home-school your kids... or likely both, here are a few wines you might find to be a perfect wine-down after an exhausting day at the office home...

1. Kirrihill Gleeson & Co. Riesling

Kirrihill Gleeson & Co. Riesling

Offers lime, spice, minerality, lemon zest, lip-smacking acidity and superb length and balance. A perfect, expressive assistant when helping your 12 year old with long division (even though you can't remember how to do it).

2. Hither & Yon Nero D’Avola

Hither & Yon Nero D’Avola

Offers bright fruits and perfume, dark blackberry jubiness, plentiful acid and just a hint of tannin. It is designed for maximum enjoyment over the next few years and delivers in spades. Pleasures best after the third attempt to get your kids off the couch. Winner of best wine at the McLaren Vale Wine Show but tastes like you’ve just won Eurovision.

3. Sidewood Sparkling

Sidewood Sparkling

Bright aromas of strawberry offset by lemon citrus and brioche. The palate offers strawberry, stonefruits and cashew accentuated by a creamy mouthfeel. An excellent choice while balancing spreadsheets to the soothing tones of a tantrumming (sic) toddler.

4. Richard Hamilton Little Road Shiraz

Richard Hamilton Little Road Shiraz

Chock full of sweet dark fruit and chocolate; would comfortably overcome a feisty T-Bone (no, that's not my teenager's nickname).

5. Serafino Reserve Chardonnay

Serafino Reserve Chardonnay

Loaded with minerality, seductive mouthfeel, stonefruits, citrus and French oak. A lovely, lip-smacking entrée to preparing lunch whilst having a zoom conference with your work team.

So there you have it, out 'Top 5 Under $25'. Let us know how you go with these wines and be sure to tell us in what situation you enjoyed them most!

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