Who Is Kim Brebach?

Kim Brebach is also known as the Best Wines Under $20 Guy to those who subscribe to his weekly mailer. However, first and foremost, he’s a wine lover, an unashamed Riesling obsessive and champion of the belief that great wine doesn’t necessarily have to come with a great big price tag.

About Kim Brebach

'Kim is an outspoken defender of truth, justice and value-for-money in wine, and I respect his opinions, his passions and his convictions'

- Huon Hooke, wine writer

Kim runs a website, Best Wines Under $20, and sends out his Best Buys Weekly email newsletter to subscribers, finding the best deals from around the country at the best prices - a one stop weekly wine catalogue, if you like.

Starting his career in IT sales and marketing, Kim always had a passion for wine, but when prices began rising, he had the idea for his website.

As he says on his website, 'I’ve always believed that good wine should be enjoyed and shared with friends and family anytime, not bought as an investment, put in display cabinets and never consumed.'

Kim prides himself on his independence, and his reviews reflect that: they're direct and forthright, so much so that some retailers have complained that they're 'brutal', and some wineries refuse to send him more samples.

'I track down wines with exceptional quality to price ratios, wines that people will love drinking and sharing, crowd-pleasers that don’t cost a fortune.'

We like to think we do the same, finding great wines at incredible prices, so you don't have to do the searching.

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