2014 Hesketh Barossa Valley Negroamaro
The simple pleasure of a wine that is as suggestively succulent, bold and endearing as a warm squeeze from your first love needs to be appreciated. A moment of pause. Think. How lucky am I to live a world of vibrancies, goodness and velvetiness that is assisted by the pleasure of 14.5% alc/vol? Tuesday night is when my old man and I indulge in a couple of bottles and discuss politics, football and the outcast, less fortunate or tolerable family members. The old fella cooked up fresh pasta with spinach and garlic and a side of a massive rib-eye on the bone topped with home-made beef rissoles. After knocking back a 2012 MV Kay Brothers Shiraz, the Hesketh 2014 Negroamaro puffed out the chest and presented. A variety from the south of Italy, this wine is big, bold and beautiful. The French oak gives it an approachability without compromising the gentle acid, ripe dark cherries, deep richness with subtle dry tannins. I picked up a bit of a sarsaparilla vibe but that just warmed my cockles a little more. The old man has passed out on the couch. What a way to bliss off into slumber.
Only-wine Kanome getting snuggly with the Hesketh Negroamaro Only-Wine Kanome getting snuggly with the Hesketh Negroamaro