Acetic explained
Many Doctors are lovers of wine- Dr Tomich, Dr Lindeman, Dr Norrie. Even Dr Nick has been rumoured to enjoy a cheeky jug of vin santo before surgery. We're not sure Dr Nick has a firm grip on the relationship between health and wine consumption. We do know however that none of the aforementioned are fond of wine that has been compromised by the vinegary taint of too much acetic acid. We found a Doctor Who was prepared to ruminate on the matter. ' A-see-tick. Not as one would assume a 'seeing eye dog' to that most unlovable rogue of the clothes horse, the silverfish, which is neither silver, nor fish. Not any more than a tick is a dog, or a clothes horse equine. Mayhaps this critter is silver, or probably not but let us not titter at trifles for it is most certainly blind. But enough of this pomfoppery buffoon, acetic is rather the vinegary aroma that can develop when a wine is over-exposed to air. I pray that I don't have to tell you again.'