Yvette's Mexican Boxing Day
Every Boxing Day for the last 12 years we have invited friends, family and orphans to our house for Boxing Day. Part of this tradition is to each year set a theme for both the food and in turn the piñata. This is no ordinary piñata - this piñata is designed and created by my husband and then decorated by our daughter Ruby. This year we had a Mexican Theme and the piñata was a pig called 'Habernero the Arse Blaster'. Habernero Habernero Along with the mexican themed piñata, our lunch menu was also all things mexican including the usual suspects of chilli con carne, rosemary corn bread, salsa and amazing corn on the cobs cooked on the BBQ with a fabulous chilli spice mix and topped off with parmesan cheese - yum yum! Of course once we had the food menu sorted we needed to address the beverage menu. One of my favourite summer time beverages is White Wine Sangria and listed below is the recipe for those of you who would like to give it a whirl this summer as a refreshing alternative to accompany any outdoor occasion. White Wine Sangria 750ml Semillon (any Semillon will do but my choice has always been Peter Lehmann Semillon) 3 tbs caster sugar 1 1/2 tbs fresh squeezed lime juice 2 tins (170ml) of passionfruit pulp OR if you have fresh passionfruit at hand about 8, halved 500ml Soda Water or Natural Sparkling Mineral Water - depending on how much fizz you want. I usually use sparkling mineral water. In a sieve place the passionfruit seeds, pulp and juice and push through leaving behind the seeds. I usually hold the sieve over the large glass jug I use to serve the sangria. Add to the jug the semillon, lime juice, caster sugar and then add the sparkling mineral water. You should now mix and then taste test - adjusting sugar and mineral water to taste. Serve in tumblers with ice and a slice of lime. Very refreshing!