The Royal Adelaide Wine Show Dozen
You might not know it, but The Royal Adelaide Wine Show Dozen is actually steeped in history dating back to the very early years of The South Australian Agricultural Society’s first Produce and Livestock shows which began in 1840. It would be five years before South Australian wine was exhibited for the first time in the 1845 Show, though there didn’t seem to be much competition with only two classes and two exhibits. Pretty good odds that year, eh old chap? However, by 1871 there were in excess of 320 entries for the wine classes at the Royal Adelaide Show, necessitating a completely separate Wine Show to be created. Fast forward 144 years and that number has increased more than seven times with last year’s 2,771 entries evaluated from 377 Australian wineries. That’s an awful lot of sniffing, swilling and spitting... So how are the wines judged? Wine entries are broken into separate classes and assessed over four, gruelling days. The poor, exhausted judges must review each class in unidentified glasses and submit results sheets which rate each wine out of 20 points based on Colour and Clarity (3 points), Bouquet (7 points) and Palate (10 points). Then the Chairman of Judges has the points totalled, checked and medals are awarded as follows: Gold 18.5 points & over Silver 17.0 to 18.4 points Bronze 15.5 to 16.9 points The top Gold Medal winners are then re-assessed to determine the Trophy winners. That’s it. Simples. raws-2016-peeps Since being involved with The Royal Adelaide Wine Show, we have celebrated the accolades of many well-deserving drops and have even had the honour of contributing to the judging process with our very own wine guru, Matt Wallace, being a judge in recent years. Poor thing. And this year, we’re stoked to be bringing you our sixth Royal Adelaide Wine Show Dozen. Why? Well... there’s something about showcasing the best of the best that just floats our wine-loving boat. There’s nothing quite like getting a list of the best wines in the nation and curating the most sought-after wine dozen in the land. Oh yes it is. Just ask us. The only thing better than that is offering you the chance to try before you buy at our annual Official Royal Wine Show Dozen Launch and Tasting event. That’s why we’d love you to join us at The Vines Room at The National Wine Centre on 29 October 2016 and see for yourself, what all the fuss is about.