The Adelaide Review Hot 100
The Adelaide Hot 100 ‘views wine like no other international wine show’ – this is a direct quote from the organizers of this innovative wine show event. Unlike other wine shows the Hot 100 immerses their judges in a cultural environment which is represented by way of culinary, artistic and musical individuals. Yep that’s right – no standing around clinical laboratory like tasting rooms for these judges – it’s up-market all the way with a tasting environment like no other. This year have partnered with The Adelaide Review with the launch of The Review Wine Club. All winning wines and selected wines from the Hot 100 will be available for purchase via The Review Wine Club. Our resident Wine Buyer, Matt Wallace will also have a role in this years wine show which we will share with you in the coming months. The 2012 Adelaide Review Hot 100 Winners will be announced on Thursday 18th October and the Hot 100 magazine will be released on 1st November.