Thanks Melbourne
You know the old saying, “it’s a hard job but someone has to do it.”  Whoever said that wasn’t talking about me.  I trot that out a lot when people ask me what it is I do for a crust.  When you tell them you work in the wine industry the general response is a polite “really, that must be fun…”  However their eyes usually convey something far less polite.  You see the romantic view of what I do is that I get paid to stand around all day drinking great wine and talking to people about my favourite subject….  Great wine!  And yes, for the most part that’s what it is but there is paperwork!  That said, I will concede that my work has perks.  One of which was our participation in the recent Good Food and Wine Show in Melbourne. It was a 30 000 person strong gastronomic love fest with wave after wave of people thirsty, not just to take a free sip, but to talk, discuss and discover great wine and food. During the show I talked shop with aspiring wine lovers and aficionados alike. In particular I recall talking with Rochelle and her friends, a group of “gen Y’s” who were seriously into wine.  We discussed the wines on offer, how to build your knowledge and get exposure to wines and the industry.   It was really inspiring to meet young folk who had a genuine interest in wine and an appreciation of all that was on offer at the show. I also spent time going over our Official Dozen in detail with Chris and Joanne, a couple of seasoned wine lovers. They had been at the show to see what was new and exciting in the world of indulgence and informed us that their experience of the show had been more fun and interesting after spending time at our stand.  I have to say, talking wine with experienced wine lovers like this made the show a whole lot of fun for us too. Look it wasn’t easy, 10 hours a day for three days, no breaks, constantly rushing, setting up and pulling down, and hauling pallets was tiring.  I came home absolutely exhausted………but the kind of exhausted you get from a couple of days at a theme park. Thank you every one who came to the Melbourne show for a great weekend and look out Sydney….we’re coming!