Champagne is en route - and picking up resounding endorsements!
The first shipment of ‘our’ Champagne is on the water and will be with us in about a week. We are not ready to unveil to you which particular Champagnes are soon to be hitting our shores, and more importantly, our warehouse, however we can tell you that we are very, very excited and can’t wait to chill and pop the cork of ‘our’ newly arrived French bubbles to ‘wet the head’ so to speak. french-enroute-fb We’re particularly tickled that since we placed our order an international Wine Expert who lists Champagne as their favourite drink, has given one of ‘our’ Champagnes a wonderful endorsement. This particular Champagne lover - not naming names as yet, however... Denk je nederlands spreekt, ja? - is a viticulturist, wine writer (for Decanter and Mundus Vini), wine consultant and international wine judge who has fallen in love with a Champagne we are importing and has given ‘our’ Champagne a resounding endorsement. ‘Our’ Champagne has been selected as one of the very best of this particular expert’s Top 10 favourite Champagnes. The list includes many a prestigious Champagne and features Vintage Pol Roger Winston Churchill (which retails in Oz at $250-300 a bottle), Vintage Pol Roger Rosé Brut (approx $150 a bottle locally), NV Ruinart Rosé (over $100) and NV Billecart Rose (also at over $100 here). ‘Our’ Champagne is amongst excellent company and we promise this svelte beauty will lambada underneath the three figure mark. Yes, we are teasing and we promise more will be revealed soon... it’s all about beauty, charm, elegance and great value: watch this space... In the meantime, does anyone have a photo of a Champagne Tower they would like to share with us? We’re getting off on the whole celebratory, theatrical notion of French bubbles. Again, watch this space...
Champagne for the pour! Champagne for the pour!