Is this the best job in the world?

It’s no secret that here at, we all believe we have the best job in the world. But there’s one team member who’s got it even better than the rest of us, and that’s Matt, our buyer extraordinaire. 

Once a year, Matt ventures to distant shores to catch up with some of our favourite producers, and to meet new ones in search of the best wines for us to sell. The trip is always planned around ProWein, the world’s biggest wine show, which is held in Germany. In previous years, Matt’s focused his attention on the Champagne region in France once ProWein is done and dusted, but this year he also spent some time in Spain (we told you: best job in the world). 

Want to see what he got up to on his 2024 European adventure? It’ll make you envious… some of us still aren’t speaking to him (but the European wine samples he selected just got delivered to the office so we’lll probably forgive him right around when they get cracked open for tasting). 

ProWein in Germany

“Has been awesome. Need a new mouth though (tasted 201 wines yesterday)” – Matt

Champagne, France

“Interesting start to Champagne meetings: caught the 6.46am to Epernay. Went to address on my car hire form for Hertz in Epernay. Said Hertz building demolished. Went to Hertz alternative address. Vacated. Hertz located finally in the back of a tool shop down a side street.

Luckily, I allow an hour for f*$#-ups in France.” – Matt

Rioja, Spain

"A bunch of wineries from one end of Rioja to the other - most importantly Carlos Serres who we import." - Matt

The wines Matt selected for the tasting panel arrived last week, so we’re looking forward to seeing what he picked out, and narrowing them down to only the best for you. Sign up for the newsletter using the form below to be the first to hear about our new European wines, which will be landing online soon!

And in the meantime, you can read more about Matt's previous adventures (like why he adds a French f%#@-up buffer, or an especially intense ProWein experience).

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