A Quick Chat with Mike Farmilo & Nathan Hughes of Willunga 100
To celebrate International Grenache Day this year we opted to hold a bit of a Masterclass on what is quite possibly our favourite variety. We invited a few of our regulars along and figured we may as well get old mate, winemaker extraordinaire, Mike Farmilo (ex-Grange winemaker and 2 x Jimmy Watson winner) along to walk us through a few vintages of Willunga 100 Grenache in its various guises: their 'regular' Grenache - sour cherries,raspberries, savouriness and persistent length (in fact, I'm enjoying one right now as I type); their 'The Hundred' Grenache - completely unoaked, allowing the grape's natural sweetness and spice to shine through; and their 'The Tithing' Grenache - a premium offering which is lush and velvety. While we were setting up we had a quick chat to both Mike and Willunga 100's Sales Marketing Manager and all-round good fella, Nathan Hughes.