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Sarah Hollinshead

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  1. Tim Adams

    Tim Adams

    Tim Adams Wines, Mr Mick’s

    Tim Adams is widely acknowledged as a legend of the Australian wine industry. His career began in 1975 as a cellar hand for then noted Clare winery Stanley Wine Company. He worked his way up to Lab Assistant in 1976 and with encouragement from GM Mick Knappstein enrolled in Wine Science at Charles Sturt Uni graduating in 1981. By 1982, Tim was appointed winemaker under the guidance of Mick Knappstein.

    In 1984 Clare cooper Bill Wray suggested Tim partner him in a small run of wines and by 1986 the first wines under the Adams & Wray label were released. In 1988, Tim and partner Pam took ownership of the Adams & Wray winery and cellar door and Tim Adams Wines was in full swing. Tim left Stanley Wines by then but maintained a relationship with Mick Knappstein until Mr Mick passed away in 1997. Mick is now lionised in Tim and Pam’s other Clare winery Mr Mick which they began in 2011.

    Today, Tim's skills as a winemaker cov

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  2. Shiraz


    Shiraz (which is essentially Syrah) is a dark-skinned grape grown throughout the world and used primarily to produce powerful red wines.

    Wines made from Syrah are often powerfully flavoured and full-bodied. The variety produces wines with a wide range of flavor notes, depending on the climate and soils where it is grown, as well

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  3. Beef Tenderloin Asturias

    Beef Tenderloin Asturias

    Looking for something to stand up to that big, bad red? Look here. And throw some garlic mash on the side.

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  4. Eye Fillet with Persian Fetta

    Eye Fillet with Persian Fetta

    A hearty plate for a hearty red. Put the fire on and be ready to put your feet up afterwards!


    2 x 220g eye fillet 1 sheet of short crust pastry 4 brown onions ½ cup brown sugar 2 tbs Persian fetta 1 medium carrot 100ml red wine
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  5. Pork Neck

    Pork Neck

    Delightfully light and tender pork with a fresh and zesty salad. An all-season pleaser, you betcha.

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  6. PJ's Tender Lamb Shanks

    PJ's Tender Lamb Shanks

    The King of comfort food for a cold winter's night? If not, time for a coup. A classic tummy-warmer.


    6 steamed chat potatoes 3 medium size tomatoes roasted in a moderate oven 6 trimmed lamb shanks 2 brown onions diced 2 large carrots
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  7. Fig and Pickled Date Salad

    Fig and Pickled Date Salad

    Figs and cheese will complement a chilled, crisp white. This is just the recipe for such an occasion.

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  8. Beetroot & Persian Fetta Tart

    Beetroot & Persian Fetta Tart

    A lovely, savoury starter that'll leave you begging for more. Who doesn't love a tart with a little rocket?

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  9. Seared Queensland Scallops

    Seared Queensland Scallops

    Lovely lighter take on pasta and scallops. Make the Angel Hair Pasta yourself to really own the dish... very nice!


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  10. Seafood Linguini with Tomato Pesto

    Seafood Linguini with Tomato Pesto

    Don't skimp on the seafood here - quality is key. Pile that pot high and indulge...

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  11. Prawn and Calamari

    Prawn and Calamari

    Two of our favourite seafood staples married together with Asian influence for lovers of contemporary Australian cuisine.


    400g fresh whole calamarititle=prawn-and-calamari-150x150 12 whole medium size green prawns Ginger & Chilli Oil Asian herbs – Coriander, Thai basil, Vietnamese mint 2 spring onions 1 Lebanese cucumber 100g bean shoots 1 avocado 20g toasted peanuts 20g sesame seeds Dressing: 30ml lime juice 30ml rice wine vinegar 30ml fish sauce 30g palm sugar Ginger and Chilli Oil (Prawn & Calamari Marinade): 5g fresh green chilli 5g peeled garlic 5g fresh peeled ginger 50ml vegetable oil


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  12. Mango Prawn and Watercress Stack

    Mango Prawn and Watercress Stack

    Simple and bright. With lime? Delight. Urgh. Sorry. Regardless of the bad prose, this will pair exceptionally well with a nice
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Items 25 to 36 of 60 total

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