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Sarah Hollinshead

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  1. Charred Sardines with Lemon, Parsley & Garlic

    Charred Sardines with Lemon, Parsley & Garlic

    Drink with Hand Crafted by Geoff Hardy Tempranillo Here i would sometimes suggest a lovely white wine but the robust sardine and stuffing flavours will work with the light to medium bodied tempranillo.       Serves 2 tapas


    6 large sardines Finely chopped shallots Crushed garlic Lemon
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  2. Slow Cooked Stew - Beef Cheeks and Kangaroo in Red Wine

    Slow Cooked Stew - Beef Cheeks and Kangaroo in Red Wine

    I love making this stew when in the depths of winter we have the slow combustion fire going.

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  3. Puerco Pibil - Slow Cooker Saves a Fast House

    Puerco Pibil - Slow Cooker Saves a Fast House

    You know the story, we both work, one daughter, two dogs, two cats, friends, family, life.  In our house there isn’t a lot of time to cook for sustenance let alone for the joy of it.   Quick, simple and plenty of tuppawarable leftovers for the freezer has become the “specialite de la  maison”.  This is one of our staples because you can set it quickly, forget it, then use it as a base for endless dishes.  Most of all it is easily varied based on personal taste, what’s in the cupboard or on a whim.   Google it if my recipe doesn’t take your fancy and you will find hundreds of recipes simpler and more complex. We use a slow cooker, a mate down the road uses a crock pot left on her wood heater overnight and another uses a cast Iron pot in a very low oven.  You could even do it on low on the stove-top if you are around the house.  The quantities are exactly, kind’a, around about unchangeable for our tastes

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  4. Braised Suckling Lamb

    Braised Suckling Lamb

    "Lambascioni" is pickled onions, and with melt-in-your-mouth lamb it's just magic. What a treat for a Sunday roast!

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  5. OO Bar Duck Pancakes

    OO Bar Duck Pancakes

    Sweet and spicy, everything nice-y! A lovely nibbler.

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  6. Chicken Croquettas

    Chicken Croquettas

    Take a couple of chicken breasts and butterfly them. Add 2 crushed garlic cloves and 2 teaspoons of smoked hot Spanish pimento to chicken stock and simmer the breasts with until just cooked through.

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  7. Slow Braised Beef Cheek

    Slow Braised Beef Cheek

    Cheeky and rich winter warmer. Will hold it's own against a McLaren Vale or Barossa Shiraz.

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  8. Duck with Honey

    Duck with Honey

    Rich, tender, quack-quack. Good duck is just so good,
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  9. Tapas – Goat cheese

    Tapas – Goat cheese

    Take 300 grams of goats cheese - a soft, creamy version. You can use an ash coated cheese or non-ashed. Finely chop sun-dried
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  10. Spanish Meatballs in Romesco Sauce

    Spanish Meatballs in Romesco Sauce

    For the Romesco sauce, have a look at our recipe for Patatas Bravas.

    The Meatballs

    Fry off a finely chopped onion and clove of garlic, adding a couple of spoons of smoked spanish pimenton piccante and a couple of spoons of dulce paprika. After it has cooled,
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  11. Low & Slow Sri Lankan Curry

    Low & Slow Sri Lankan Curry

    Many times in history someone will take an idea and tweak it, sometimes for the better - cue: Boy and Bear's haunting version of Fall at Your Feet or Quiet Riot's Come on Feel the Noise. Unfortunately history also records that with the good comes the tragic - cue: Olivia Newton John's take on Ring of Fire or (and I can't believe this one didn't work) Bill Cosby's daring rendition of Sgt Peppers.  It's with this in mind I put myself to the sword. For this weeks low and slow I have tweaked a recipe by Peter Kuruvita. Or rather have left out ingredients I just couldn't find! Much to my surprise it works and trust me is a lot more Sonic Youth covering Karen Carpenter's Superstar than it is Celine Dion hacking up AC/DC's classic You Shook Me All Night Long! As always, enjoy with great vino and people you love. 1 bottle of 2010 Hand Crafted by Geoff Hardy Shiraz Viognier Mourvedre for drinking whilst cooking 1 bottle of 2012 Lino Ramble ‘Treadlie’

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  12. Darryl's Pulled Pork Chilli

    Darryl's Pulled Pork Chilli

    Winter is well and truly here and with it comes my favorite cooking season. Ask my wife and she'll tell you I go a little crazy around this time and almost everything in our house must be cooked low and slow.

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Items 13 to 24 of 60 total

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