Secret 2015 10 x Gold Medal, 93pt Barossa Shiraz Dozen


Price as configured: $240.00

This is proper quality old vine Barossa Shiraz and with a whopping ten gold medals, who are we to argue? Plenty of silken savoury notes on the nose moving to chocolate, plum and dark berries, followed up with a hint of minty earthiness. This could well be a crunchy chocolate plum pudding smouldering in terracotta over an open fire tended by men with deep voices and big thighs... but it’s not. It’s wonderfully rich and full-bodied, and will definitely stand up to a number of years in the wine den. Let it swoosh through the decanter before serving to really let the fruit complexities come out to play and serve it with a charred steak straight from your Kamado Joe. At $20 a bottle, this is a darn good chance to get in on the good stuff.

Price as configured: $240.00


12 x Secret 2015 10 x Gold Medal, 93pt Barossa Shiraz   +$0.00

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    Allow us to prattle on a little more about this...

    Why the secrecy? Why can't we just tell you what the wine is?

    We often get asked this and understand that it can be frustrating as a punter to see offers like these... but it means we can offer you wine at an even better price than usual so it's worth it we reckon...

    Sometimes we get access to wine at a particularly sharp price. Maybe the winery wants to release their new vintage and needs to clear the previous one, or an anticipated big order hasn’t come through... whatever the case, if the wine gets the thumbs up from the WD tasting panel, and the price is especially good, we can offer it to you at a price substantially below what it is usually sold for.

    Understandably the winery doesn’t want to see their wine flogged off at a silly price – which is where the ‘Secret’ comes in – giving us the opportunity to offer you great quality wine at a fantastic price.

    So, you see, without the secrecy, we wouldn't be able to offer you amazing deals like this one... and of course, if you're still not convinced, you can always get in touch with us.


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