Red wine – we like it, you like it. Sometimes it’s really red, sometimes it’s less red. Sometimes it’s Barossa Valley Shiraz, sometimes Coonawarra Cabernet or McLaren Vale Grenache. New world, old world, weird and wonderful, traditional and cutting edge – if it’s red and it passed the Tasting Panel’s approval, it’s here.

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  • Conte Di Campiano Susumaniello 2015

    Matt stumbled across Conte di Campiano during his visit to Prowein last year and found this wonderfully decadent, full bodied, plush and complex beast made from one of the world’s rarest varieties – Susumaniello. The word itself comes from Susu meaning “Go” and Maniello, meaning “Donkey” perhaps because in their youth, Susumaniello vines produce massive yields. As the vines age, the...
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