The Wine Club

The Wine Club

The best and most flexible Wine Club in the history of the entire universe…

The best thing about the Wine Club is that it is easier to do than say. And let’s be honest, it’s pretty easy to say. Set it, forget it, then get on with your life. Seriously move on, this is supposed to make things easier.

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There are three price levels with a red, white and mixed offering in each. The packs change every three months and you are in complete control of how many of what gets sent when and for how long to whom. You can set 1 or 100 packs of any of the selections to be delivered every day, twice a month or once a year. Once you’re up and running, at any stage you can put the automated orders on hold for a week while you are on holiday (lucky bugger) or cancel it completely – no questions, no hassle. You can monitor or make any changes to your automated orders either by yourself in your account dashboard, by emailing us, calling us or sending a carrier pigeon. Preferably a pigeon called Gary. We like pigeons but only when they are called Gary.

Now above we mentioned, “to whom”. More than just sounding fancy, “whom” is anyone you like. You can set up automated deliveries to go directly to someone else (pretty awesome gift idea!) or the office, or your holiday house - wherever - for any period of time you like. Two boxes every three months indefinitely? OK. One box every month for six months? OK. And again, you are in complete control.

If you have read this far down then you are probably pretty interested. So let us try and tip you over the edge. We have been going since 1997 with Wine Club and we still have some of the original members. We must be doing something right.






*…well, not really - if you don't like it, we will replace it

Of course, if you're still not convinced you can contact us at for more info.

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  • 99 Buck Wine Club Reds

    This is our absolute best value red wine pack available on the site and as usual, we’ve tried ‘em and give the thumbs up. Pure Clare Cabernet made by Ben Jeanneret is dangerously easy to drink with plenty of juicy Cabernet flavours. Blackberries, blackcurrants, black tea and with four years already on the clock, it is drinking beautifully. From Pioneer Road, this Cab is from Langhorne...
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    99 Buck Wine Club Reds

  • 99 Buck Wine Club Mixed

    Our most affordable mixed pack by far, this happy little dozen is a great choice for parties, drop ins or even Christmas Day, when let’s face it - you don’t want Uncle Harry drinking the expensive bottle of Grange... Cabernet from Pure Clare (made by Ben Jeanneret) has all the right flavours of black. Blackberry, blackcurrant and black tea with some soft tannins to finish make it very...
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    99 Buck Wine Club Mixed

  • 99 Buck Wine Club Whites

    As the weather warms up, we all love to have an ethereal stream of white wine flowing from the fridge. This $99 dozen tackles this issue nicely! Four different producers in this bundle, starting with The Hidden Sea Chardonnay. 94 points for this drop with plenty of yummy stone fruit texture and a pleasant line of citrus acidity. Oliver Crawford is the winemaker here and with GM of Vasse Felix...
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    99 Buck Wine Club Whites

  • Premium Wine Club Reds

    A collection of wines with excellent value from the most flexible wine club around. Often we’ll find bottles rolling across the tasting bench that despite their lower price point, we consider to be absolute stunners. Cabernet from Pure Clare is just that. Made by Ben Jeanneret of the Clare Valley, this Cab Sauv has all the right black bits in all the right places. Blackcurrants, blackberries...
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    Premium Wine Club Reds

  • Premium Wine Club Mixed

    A super collection of reds and whites which are better than your average and priced accordingly. Pure Clare Cabernet is drinking wonderfully at the moment with plenty of blackberry, blackcurrant and black tea leaf flavours. Made by Ben Jeanneret in the Clare Valley, you’ll be showing this to your friends immediately. Monterra Shiraz from McLaren Vale shows a basket of bright red and blue...
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    Premium Wine Club Mixed

  • Premium Wine Club Whites

    Four great varietals in this Premium White pack that you won’t want to use for cooking just yet. The Hidden Sea Sauvignon Blanc has all of our favourite characters. Cut grass, snow peas some citrus and some tropical notes too. It’s refreshing and delicious. From Geoff Hardy’s Pertaringa Regional Series, a Clare Valley Riesling which is textural and easy to drink. Candied lime, a hint of...
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    Premium Wine Club Whites

  • Platinum Wine Club Reds

    Our most exciting red collection from the Wine Club. These are all wines which we consider to be on the upper end of the spectrum, which you can still enjoy sub $200 per dozen. The 2016 Richard Hamilton Lot 148 Merlot is a stunner. With a deeper colouring than your average Merlot, this wine shows plenty of black’n’blue fruits along with fruitcake elements, nutmeg and...
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    Platinum Wine Club Reds

  • Platinum Wine Club Mixed

    Our brief for chief wine buyer, Matt Wallace is to prepare a dozen collection of reds and whites for those who prefer things to be on the better side of good. In fact, these wines are all excellent and stunners in their own right. Heirloom Coonawarra Cabernet has been awarded 96 points, a trophy and 6 gold medals. Red fruits, mulberries, bramble, olives, dried herbs are all in the mix. The...
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    Platinum Wine Club Mixed

  • Platinum Wine Club Whites

    A stunning collection of some of the best white wines in our warehouse right now. Great with food, great with company. Geoff Hardy’s Pertaringa Regional Series Clare Valley Riesling already has a sling of point scores of 91, 92 and 94 and we know why. Generous and textural, we found candied lime, spice and stone fruits amidst persistent citrus acidity, making it a great option for cellaring....
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    Platinum Wine Club Whites


9 Item(s)

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