The Wine Club

The Wine Club

The best and most flexible Wine Club in the history of the entire universe…

The best thing about the Wine Club is that it is easier to do than say. And let’s be honest, it’s pretty easy to say. Set it, forget it, then get on with your life. Seriously move on, this is supposed to make things easier.

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There are three price levels with a red, white and mixed offering in each. The packs change every three months and you are in complete control of how many of what gets sent when and for how long to whom. You can set 1 or 100 packs of any of the selections to be delivered every day, twice a month or once a year. Once you’re up and running, at any stage you can put the automated orders on hold for a week while you are on holiday (lucky bugger) or cancel it completely – no questions, no hassle. You can monitor or make any changes to your automated orders either by yourself in your account dashboard, by emailing us, calling us or sending a carrier pigeon. Preferably a pigeon called Gary. We like pigeons but only when they are called Gary. Bruce is ok too and Mel works fine, but no Clives please, definitely no Clives.

Now above we mentioned, “to whom”. More than just sounding fancy, “whom” is anyone you like. You can set up automated deliveries to go directly to someone else (pretty awesome gift idea!) or the office, or your holiday house - wherever - for any period of time you like. Two boxes every three months indefinitely? OK. One box every month for six months? OK. And again, you are in complete control.

If you have read this far down then you are probably pretty interested. So let us try and tip you over the edge. We have been going since 1997 with Wine Club and we still have some of the original members. We must be doing something right.






*…well, not really - if you don't like it, we will replace it

Of course, if you're still not convinced you can contact us at for more info.

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  • Premium Wine Club Reds

    Averaging $12 per bottle, this is a pretty superb collection of reds if we don’t say so ourselves. If you want to know more about our flexible wine club, don’t hesitate to get in touch… Grant Burge GB56 Shiraz is an easy drinker, with black and blue fruits present along with some chocolate and plum punch. It has spent time in French and American Oak and the tannins are soft and fine....
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    Premium Wine Club Reds

  • Premium Wine Club Whites

    This dozen includes four different whites for your drinking pleasure. Nuthouse Chardonnay comes from the Curtis Family in McLaren Vale. Bright fruits with some lovely creaminess, we also found some stone fruits and citrus hiding in there too. Textural with enough acid to hold it together. Cool Woods Sauvignon Blanc is all about the banana and the bath fizz… a little different from green...
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    Premium Wine Club Whites

  • Premium Wine Club Mixed

    A darned good line up of reds and whites with the same premium standard you’ve come to expect from the Wine Club. Reds include Finniss River’s triple gold Cabernet with blackberries and cedar spice, Zonte’s sensational savoury Italian 'Canto di Lago', a blend of Sangiovese, Barbera and Lagrein and a full-bodied McLaren Vale Shiraz from Hesketh, with rich plums,...
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    Premium Wine Club Mixed

  • Platinum Wine Club Reds

    If you’re new to the Wine Club, this is where we keep the good stuff. The reeeeaaally good stuff in fact and guess what? Forget the $300 price tag... it’s yours for $195. Rusden Good Shepherd Malbec Cabernet blend we’re mighty keen on... leafy Cabernet meets fleshy Malbec meeting blue fruits, caramel, liquorice and some spicy dark chocolate. Richard Hamilton Hut Block...
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    Platinum Wine Club Reds

  • Platinum Wine Club Whites

    Here at, we’re not backward in coming forward about our love of stunning white wines. We’ve assembled four different varietals which we’re quite fond of… Chalk Hill Luna Chardonnay brings us a really modern version from the Adelaide Hills with just a little oak influence. Stone fruits and floral blossoms are here along with a refreshing acid backbone. Aged Hunter...
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    Platinum Wine Club Whites

  • Platinum Wine Club Mixed

    The top tier collection of reds and whites in the Wine Club. Rusden Cabernet Malbec is fleshy and delicious with an abundance of blue fruit. Hesketh Small Parcels McLaren Vale Shiraz is full-bodied and true to form with plums, chocolate and spice. Colab and Bloom’s Barossa Shiraz is also a full-bodied beast, with layers of ripe dark fruits, spice and chocolate. Riposte...
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    Platinum Wine Club Mixed

  • 99 Buck Wine Club Reds

    After a bunch of reds that’s still friendly on the wallet? This will do the trick – and because every single wine we sell gets tasted and approved, these quaffers stand up quite nicely. Curtis Heritage Cabernet is deep and rich with plenty of sweet fruit, a touch of leafy greenery and some softened tannins at the finish line. Long lasting and flavourful, this is made to enjoy now or over...
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    99 Buck Wine Club Reds

  • 99 Buck Wine Club Whites

    The warmer weather is still with us and we love to have crisp whites on hand. In this $99 dozen option we’ve gathered a bunch of value for money fridge fillers that you won’t hesitate to open on a whim. Sauvignon Blanc from The Hidden Sea (made by an ex white wine maker for Penfolds) is ripping stuff. Snow pea, tropical passionfruit and enough citrus to keep it nice and refreshing on the...
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    99 Buck Wine Club Whites

  • 99 Buck Wine Club Mixed

    A smart dozen of über drinkable red and whites for change from five $20 notes... Clean, easy drinking Cabernet Merlot from Willowglen (De Bortoli), rich ripe and smooth Cabernet from 1847, and plum, chocolate and pepper from the Stalking Horse. In the white department, Sauv Blanc from The Hidden Sea with snow peas, passionfruit and cut grass, a delicious and lengthy Chardonnay from Neverland...
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    99 Buck Wine Club Mixed


9 Item(s)

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