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No One Will Order This v28.0

This offering began a few years back with the cheeky title of ‘No One Will Order This’ because we didn’t think we’d sell too much of an offering that didn’t contain Shiraz or Cab. It surprised us almost immediately and has become a regular and popular offering here at WD. It’s a trip along the road less travelled, a savouring of the savoury, a glimpse of what the future of Australian wine might look like.
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No One Will Order This v28.0
No One Will Order This v28.0

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    No One Will Order This v28.0
    From lightest to boldest we start with the Picardy Pinot Noir. It might be light but doesn’t lack intensity or complexity as its 97 point score suggests. It is crafted from 11 individual clones, six of which have been sourced from Burgundy, five of which the Pannell Family have kept exclusively for their own production. The palate is supremely balanced and succulent, presenting with raspberries, truffle, olive, spices, black pepper and more. It offers the perfect balance of fine boned acidity, mouthfeel and texture, it's elegant and effortless, yet incredibly powerful and deep. Magnificent. Hamilton’s Marion Grenache is young and lively, with notes of tarragon, fennel and a brooding ferrous-ness which, as it breathes and opens, reveals plenty of delicious cherries. Serafino’s Monte is bright, crunchy and full of life with red fruits melding with blueberries and perhaps even mulberries. There is a little spice kicking around too. Curtis’ super premium Grenache packs blue fruit, along with spice, confection and cedar. Heirloom’s Temp is black, dark and exudes a wonderful perfume of plum, maraschino cherries, cola, black pepper and graphite. This is serious, chewy stuff. Finally Kaesler’s huge Durif (aka Shiraz on steroids). There aren’t too many wines this black or this deep. At first taste you can tell the wine is well structured, yet it seems to have minimal tannin. Keep sipping and you’ll find a zombie army of incredibly fine tannins marching across your palate, building as they travel. Fruit is black, arguably black hole and there are aromas of smoked meats and cold fires.
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