No One Will Order This v21.0


Price as configured: $130.00

At volume 21 of this offer, clearly someone is ordering this and no wonder given this motley line up is served up to you at less than half price… stunning Grenache, Pinot Noir, Malbec, Susumaniello, Mourvedre and a saucy Italian blend.

Price as configured: $130.00


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Allow us to prattle on a little more about this...

Pirramimma is back with its imposing Black Label Malbec, full of spice and savoury goodness rivalled by the re-appearance of the eccentric Italian variety Susumaniello, also brimming with spice and well, that certain “vibe your honour” that us wine tossers call “complexity”. Hamilton debuts this edition with their beautiful Mourvedre (or Mataro if you’ve had a few), silky smooth and featuring bright fruit with a hint of liquorice. Next up more bright fruit, this time set in the alluring underbelly of Riposte’s 'The Dagger', highlighting the diversity of Pinot Noir. Grenache is brilliantly represented by the imposing but cuddly Curtis Limited Grenache, oozing class with bold, blue fruit and serious structure. Last we have a wonderful collision of Italian varietals in Zonte’s Canto di Lago… Sangiovese, Barbera and Lagrein all come together to make a wonderfully fruity yet savoury experience… if you’ve joined the ranks of ABS (anything but Shiraz), then you should order this.


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