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After Matt’s recent jaunt to Germany, Italy and France, we’re more excited than normal about the range of alternate varieties that will be coming our way. For now, here’s a sixer to get you started. Italian varietals include a trophy winning Sangiovese by Mr Mick, Negroamaro by Hesketh and Susumaniello by Conte Di Campiano. For something French(ish), Grenache by Curtis, Tannat by Hither and Yon and Cabernet Franc by Howard. Now, where’s the pasta?

Price as configured: $120.00


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Allow us to prattle on a little more about this...

Picture yourself on the coast of the Amalfi or amidst the rolling hills of Southern France… “snap” - you’re back in the room with some stunning Italian and French varietals that all match well with food. Tannat originally hails from South-West France. Hither and Yon’s version has firm tannins, spice, dark fruits and coffee and it suits itself to a big chunk of charred protein. Curtis Limited Grenache from McLaren Vale shows bright, crunchy red fruits washed over with a savoury acidity matching it well to a slow roasted pork, or your favourite pizza. Sangiovese, made famous by Chianti in Tuscany, offers up strawberry flavours, spice and some earthy notes. This version from Mr Mick is a Trophy winner, perfect for pasta and antipasto. Matt found this lovely Italian Susumaniello from Conte Di Campiano on his trip last year. It’s a properly structured big wine with jammy dark fruits, dried herb, chocolate and spice aromas and more red fruit and woodsmoke found on the palate. It’s complex and decadent, worthy of a Saltimbocca or Osso Bucco. Hesketh’s Negroamaro is lighter, with plenty of rose aromatics, blue fruits, plum and cola. Again, this is thriving pizza material! By Howard Vineyard, a Cabernet Franc which ticks all the boxes for perfumed elegance backed up by blackcurrant fruit, spice and some dark chocolate in there too. $120 for this fine bunch of alternates so good that No One Will Order them anyway.


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