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Little Bang 'Galactopus' American Barleywine


Galactopous is truly a monstrous beer, clocking in at just over 10%. It is light on the fizz but we don’t recommend slamming it down fast Solo-style given its strength. Consider chilling it extra hard and pouring just half a can at a time, whacking the rest back in the fridge… both will help retain carbonation which will allow you to really take your time sipping and savouring. On the nose: toffee just hinting molasses and vegemite along with warming spice, sage and rocket. The palate continues in the same vein before finishing with a grapefruit like bitterness A rippingly good beer but not for the faint hearted.

Little Bang 'Galactopus' American Barleywine
Little Bang was born in the shed of one of our old mates' place. A couple of lads Adam used to work with back when making video games decided life was too short not to make beer - perhaps not a common idiom but one that suited them all the same. Early experiments yielded varying results but over the course of a couple of years these ex-video game nerds turned a bit of fun into a fully fledged brewery and started turning out beer of consistently excellent quality. Their focus is on using quality ingredients to produce weird and wonderful beers that either adhere to traditional techniques in order to create excellent examples of popular beer styles or throw the rulebook completely out the window (or indeed, directly into the ferment) to create bizarre but nevertheless breathtakingly good experiments - hibiscus sour anyone?

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