It Dozen Get Better Than This


Price as configured: $250.00

It truly dozen get any better than this. There really are, to butcher a hackneyed phrase from old, 'too many statues, not enough pigeons' in this pack. It's a svelte swelter of delicious award winners sporting over 20 gold medals, plus trophies and plenty of high wine critic scores. We reckon this one will sell fast, so suggest you point this homing pigeon in the right direction quickly or run the risk of ending up spit out of luck.

Price as configured: $250.00


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Allow us to prattle on a little more about this...

Only one wine in this pack has yet to pick up bling (having not yet been reviewed) but it is a mouthwateringly fruitful Cabernet from Parker, widely regarded as one of our best makers and shakers of Cab. Beyond that there's a plethora of crackers, all of which have been tasted and thumbsed up by our tasting panel. It's tough to single out a fave amongst these (check out the individual products for detailed tasting notes on each should you need further enticement) but we can say that the Pirramimma Warhorse Shiraz is an old vine, super intense joy and Martin's super premium Shiraz is a massive, fruit intense thing of beauty.


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