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These packs contain some of the latest Tasting Panel picks and some tried and true favourites. With savings of up to 70%, these packs are the best value way to get the wines we have approved for selection onto your table...and remember, grab 12 or more bottles in a pack or select your own and freight is free to anywhere in Australia.

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  • Artisans of Barossa Grenache Project 17 6 Pack

    Here’s an awesome 6 pack of Barossa Grenache – all off the same vineyard, made by 6 different, exceptional winemakers.

    First – a bit about Artisans of Barossa and its winemakers.
    Artisans of the Barossa comprises 6 of the very best Barossa wine producers.
    John Duval, of John Duval Wines made Penfold's Grange for almost 30 years before leaving to concentrate on making...
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  • No One Will Order This v15.0

    After Matt’s recent jaunt to Germany, Italy and France, we’re more excited than normal about the range of alternate varieties that will be coming our way. For now, here’s a sixer to get you started. Italian varietals include a trophy winning Sangiovese by Mr Mick, Negroamaro by Hesketh and Susumaniello by Conte Di Campiano. For something French(ish), Grenache by Curtis, Tannat by Hither and...
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    No One Will Order This v15.0

  • Tasting Panel Piquant Potations

    22 gold medals and points aplenty in this month’s tasting pack which includes a few new additions that we reckon you’ll love. Shiraz from Blue Pyrenees, Martins Vineyard, Rolf Binder, Zonte’s and new for this month, famed McLaren Vale producers Coriole and Allinda of the Yarra Valley. Blends from d’Arenberg, Kilikanoon and The Hidden Sea and Cabernet from Curtis, Leconfield and Blue...
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    Tasting Panel Piquant Potations

  • Shiraz If!

    Shiraz drinkers, we salute you. A regal drink, if we do say so ourselves... in fact we sent a pack of these to Harry and Megs. They just forgot to include it in the broadcast. Four different options from Curtis, Monterra, Zonte’s Footstep and Martins Vineyard. Over $900 worth for less than $16/btl with free freight. *Not free to Windsor...
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    Shiraz If!

  • Wirra Wirra White for a Tenner

    Good on opening, this Wirra white is even better the next day - which also suggests that it will age well. At this price, you might consider grabbing a case for now and a case or two for Summer. You could do a lot worse for a tenner a...
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    Wirra Wirra White for a Tenner

  • It Dozen Get Better Than This

    It truly dozen get any better than this. There really are, to butcher a hackneyed phrase from old, 'too many statues, not enough pigeons' in this pack. It's a svelte swelter of delicious award winners sporting over 20 gold medals, plus trophies and plenty of high wine critic scores. We reckon this one will sell fast, so suggest you point this homing pigeon in the right direction quickly or run...
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    It Dozen Get Better Than This

  • Shirazortment

    Shiraz lovers, we've got your back. Four stunning examples to get your taste buds tickled. We reckon they’re pretty decent too. Martins Vineyard's (retailing for $150/btl) which oozes both new and old world class, Curtis' Heritage "better-than-quaffer", Monterra's awesome and slightly more savoury 96pt, triple Gold winning stunner and Pertaringa's "how-can-we-fit-any-more-bling-on-this-bottle"...
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  • Better Quaff Red

    It's heading into that time of year when quaffing red over white becomes a thing. Good then to quaff 'better-than-quaffing' reds at quaffing prices - so here are three lovelies for your consideration. Stunning Mezzo Cab made by Phil Lehmann who also makes the famed Parker Coonawarra Estate's Cab, Hesketh's wines and is joint winemaker of the stunning Vickery Rieslings with absolute winemaking...
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    Better Quaff Red

  • Shiraz-tounding

    Four fantastic bling laden Shiraz here, with 6 gold medals and plenty of 94, 95 and 96 point scores on the go. These are all drinkable now and worth decanting for best effect, or can be...
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  • No One Will Order This v13.0

    What do tapas, Margherita, Jamon, beef bourguignon, pulled pork and grilled fillet steak with anchovy butter have in common? This pack, that's what. Here are six very different grape varieties, with homes all around the world, which will fill your senses to the brim and pair perfectly with all of the delicious delicacies listed...
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    No One Will Order This v13.0

  • Tasting Panel Tempters

    Get tempted by the latest selection from the Tasting Panel. Shiraz from Curtis Limited, Kilikanoon Meymans, Blue Pyrenees, Monterra, Pirramimma and Martins Vineyard, d’Arenberg’s heavily blinged and revered ‘Laughing Magpie’ Shiraz Viognier, Grenache from Spinifex and Curtis Limited (95pts), Cabernet from Finniss River, a crunchy Nero D’Avola from Monterra and an ethereal Cabernet Blend...
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    Tasting Panel Tempters

  • Shirazcals

    Shirazcals: noun – a cheeky group of people who love a selection of Australia’s favourite varietal. Don’t believe us? Believe the booze. Zonte’s plum and chocolate Lake Doctor with 5 golds, a slightly perfumed silky number in Anvers Brabo, Tim Adams' 2012 Bayes Block with plenty of cooler blue fruits, Kilikanoon Meymans with its velvet tea-leaf spice, a faithful full-bodied...
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  • A Baker's Bevvy

    Bake the world a better place with this baker’s dozen of reds. Deep dark Shiraz from Curtis’ Heritage range and Clare Valley goodness from Tim Adams, lip-smacking mulberry tinged Cabernet from Finniss River and Yaldara Estate, Kilikanoon Meymans Shiraz Cabernet, all black and blue gloriousness, and Zonte’s Violet Beauregard Malbec which comes heavily awarded with 7 golds, a trophy from CWSA...
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    A Baker's Bevvy

  • Tight-as Tuesday Tipples

    Free thinking, easy drinking, glass clinking and bottle sinking. Sometimes you don’t need to be overloaded with life’s choices. We hear you, so we’ve got four a piece of three cracking reds - Clare Valley Shiraz from Tim Adams, bold and brassy Shiraz from Curtis and some classy Cabernet from Yaldara. $129 per dozen, at this price you’ve got no choice but to get your tipples...
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    Tight-as Tuesday Tipples

  • No One Will Order This v12.0

    No time for Shiraz? This alternate pack speaks your language. Triple Grenache from Purple Hands, Curtis Limited and our fave, Spinifex Garcon. Also here is a big fat Tempranillo from 919 in the SA Riverland, a Tannat from Hither & Yon and an Italian Negroamaro from Conte Di Campiano. Great wines for food pairing, great wines when you feel like something different. $120 for six... that’s like......
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    No One Will Order This v12.0

  • Shirazassins

    If ever a pack was likely to 'Slay 'em in the Aisles' this is it. Packed with vibrant Shiraz from the McLaren Vale and Barossa Valley boasting richness and fruit intensity that will have you clamouring for more at a price that'll enable your wallet to agree to seconds....
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  • Mates Rates on 2 Exceptional 96 point Reds

    Here’s two stunning reds both of which have scored 96 points… total value of the doz is $435 – yours for $240 in the bundle with free...
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    Mates Rates on 2 Exceptional 96 point Reds


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