Better Quaff Red


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It's heading into that time of year when quaffing red over white becomes a thing. Good then to quaff 'better-than-quaffing' reds at quaffing prices - so here are three lovelies for your consideration. Stunning Mezzo Cab made by Phil Lehmann who also makes the famed Parker Coonawarra Estate's Cab, Hesketh's wines and is joint winemaker of the stunning Vickery Rieslings with absolute winemaking legend John Vickery. Also, rich, ripe, blackberry and blue fruited goodness from Yaldara and a bold, blackstrappy big-gun from Curtis.

Price as configured: $129.00


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Allow us to prattle on a little more about this...

First up, Mezzo Cab, grown on single vineyard Terra Rossa soil and fashioned by master winemaker Phil Lehmann, son of Peter. Plenty of dark and blue fruits here and fine tannins to finish. Next on the quaffing block, bold and blackstrappy boisterousness from Curtis with plenty of sweet fruit and punchiness. Finally, lipsmacking blackberries and sticky mulberry from Yaldara. All gorgeous right now. Allow your wallet to enjoy quaffing while your palate doffs its cap at you, boffin!


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